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Alliance12 presents custom Concierge White Glove services
Situation: Concierge White Glove Services: Alliance12 Anxiety Question

“How would you feel if everyone else is able to get loans, credit cards, car loans, mortages, rent apartments, go on vacation, and you are unable to? Why can’t you? Your credit is in disrepair and no one wants to give you loans unless they are high interest loans. Where can you find a company which will confidentially assist you with regaining credit muscle or getting credit?

Capability Question

“What if there was a way for Alliance12 to assist you, when your go online or do a loan application for you to have a fresh start, plan for retirement and achieve all your financial goals without all the credit headaches?”

Feature Statement (feature becomes a benefit)

“Our White Glove Concierge Service gives you that capability.”

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